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Understanding CCTV Resolution

CCTV Resolution is simply a way to measure the size of the CCTV video being produced. Smaller images produce low-resolution video, larger images produce HD (high definition).
The larger the image is recorded, the higher the resolution and quality are. CCTV resolution is measured in two different ways, TV lines (analog technologies) and pixels (digital technologies). Analog cameras (CCTV) are rated by horizontal TV lines. HD or digital cameras are rated in pixels.

What is the difference between 1080p, 4 Megapixel & 4k?

The answer is pixels, or the size of the video. Consider this, 4K produces a larger image than 4 Megapixel, but if you view video of a 4K and a 4MP camera side by side on a standard wide screen HD monitor, it’s likely you cannot tell the difference between the two.Why would this be the case? It is because both cameras meet the maximum resolution requirements of the monitors.
The video looks identical, both providing clear video. But when you use a 4K monitor and put the cameras side by side the difference is crystal clear, the 4K camera doubles the clarity of the 4mp camera.This is because the 4MP camera does not meet the maximum resolution of the monitor so the video does not look crisp and clear as the 4K camera does.

The main reason you would choose to go with higher resolution cameras is because the larger image allows you to digitally zoom into the video without the image becoming blurry.If you are trying to capture a license plate or facial ID, ORIA Systems can provide a free on-site consultation meeting in order to understand the environment, the distance to the target, the speed of the target and the light conditions in order to tailor the right camera and recording platform to achieve the best result!

IP Cameras Range

Outdoor IP cameras with an image resolution range of 4MP up to 12MP with Infra-Red Light for superior night vision.

Indoor IP cameras with an image resolution range of 4MP up to 8MP with an ultra-sensitive image sensor for night vision.

Outdoor IP PTZ  cameras with an image resolution of 2MP and optical zoom up to X36, Infra-Red Light up to 200m or laser light for  up to 500m of superior night vision.

Outdoor expulsion proof IP camera with image resolution of 4MP

Professional Network Video Recorder Range & Technologies

Hikvision AcuSense Network Video Recorders – key benefits Integration of Hikvision AcuSense into EasyIP 4.0 IP cameras and NVRs, helps filtering out false alarms with more than 90% accuracy, and faster reaction to real security threats. Hikvision AcuSense works by detecting humans or vehicles, and effectively filters out false alarms triggered by natural movements, such as rain or leaves. With automated strobe light and audio alarms, Hikvision AcuSense-enabled cameras also deter would-be intruders before a security breach occurs.

Besides, the Hikvision AcuSense cameras further incorporate Hikvision “Powered by DarkFighter” ultra-low-light illumination technology, which provides superior surveillance images, even at night. Combined with ultra-high-definition video capabilities, Powered by DarkFighter ensures that organizations can identify and react to security threats effectively, and provide great video evidence in the event of a security breach.

Enterprise Level Video Management Software

ORIA Systems uses Artificial Intelligence Video Management Software that enables the end-user a Face and Licence Plate Recognition search algorithm that automatically detects a face or a license plate in the field of view of the camera.

Recognized license plate numbers are saved to a database. The algorithm involves advanced heuristic methods (such as the substitution of similar-looking letters/numbers) to identify as many potential matches as possible.

In addition, the end-user will have the ability to search for a person, car or any object in a selected target area that can be predefined with the ability to create logical system command to send alerts via SMS / email / push notifications or to activate a predefined voice message that be played it via a local speaker. This is just the one small example of how enterprise VMS can assist you in securing your business environment and to make it safer to your employees.

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