System Type: Aiphone IX Intercom System

The Aiphone IX System – getting the job done for a wide range of business applications, while providing connectivity and integration with third-party IP systems.

The communicate between an infinite number of door / master stations with no distance limitations. This reduces the installation costs as no server is required to build a robust and expandable intercom system.

ORIA Systems can utilizing the client’s existing IP infrastructure, the Aiphone IX intercom System can be integrated with Video Management Systems, security systems, access control Systems and CCTV Systems. Moreover, the Aiphone IX intercom System can be integrated with IP-PBX, which enables the IX System to be used as a part of your internal telephone network.

Each Video from door stations can be monitored and recorded with third-party VMS / NVR systems to increase security level for all types of applications.

With the Aiphone IX intercom System you can create and import custom audio files for use as unique voice messages. For visitors at door stations, voice messages let them know the door status.

ORIA Systems encourage clients to use custom messages as ring tones to identify locations and call priorities. For security guards / receptionists at master stations, customized voice messages help to identify incoming calls and special situations instantly.

The Aiphone IX intercom system is also capable of sending email when master stations are called. The email configuration can contain an attachment with the visitor’s picture.

ORIA System has a professional security consultant to assist you both with the design and implementations of your new Aiphone intercom system.

In addition, ORIA Systems’ professional installation team will ensure that your new intercom system will enable your business great technological flexibility the highest level of security.

ORIA Systems commit that your new intercom system will operate to the highest standards guaranteed with our 12 months comprehensive warranty. Our product range and in-house expertise offer you peace of mind knowing that as your organisation expands, your intercom system has the flexibility to grow with you.

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