IP CCTV Solutions

ORIA Systems’ security consultants have proven experience with the deployment (design, supply, installation and commissioning) of small to large scale IP CCTV systems for the Government, commercial, warehousing, industrial, manufacturing, retail and the private sectors.

ORIA Systems’ security consultants works with the client in order to understand his security & surveillance needs and OHS requirements in order to achieve the most proficient & cost-effective CCTV design. Selecting the right CCTV platform (brand) for your premises is important to the success of the CCTV system deployment.

ORIA Systems’ security consultants understand that there are various CCTV manufacturers with a specific industry in mind, which can provide your business with added benefits and security options that will make a big different to the bottom-line security / CCTV outcome.  For example, ORIA Systems’ have access to cameras with the AI ability to monitor events in real time and alert the end user.

CCTV cameras with AI ability provides the client deeper understanding of security risks within a particular area in his business.  Using AI deep learning algorithms in CCTV cameras provide an extra layer of security and additional data for the end user to analyse, in order to understand risk or OHS issues. ORIA Systems security consultants understand the value of Facial & License Plate Recognition technologies and has the knowledge and proven experience in implementing this solution with your current security platform to achieve better result and to create a securer environment. In addition, the CCTV platforms that ORIA Systems uses have the ability to alert the business owner via push notifications or emails.

CCTV Camera Coverage

ORIA Systems’ security consultants understand and have vast experience with CCTV layout configuration in order to optimise the result and security level in the areas that are at the higher risk.  When our security consultants design a CCTV system, they understand the importance of the physical location and height of the cameras, for example, you wouldn’t’ want to mount a camera too high as this will reduce the resolution per a square meter and will be very difficult & expensive to service. In addition, ORIA Systems’ security consultants always take in consideration that there may be a number of sites that need to be managed from one location or one site with External & Internal CCTV Cameras (i.e. Reception, Server Room, Manager Office).  There are a lots of CCTV Camera types and models and each once of them can have different image resolution, frame rate, lens type, illumination type and IP rating, choosing the correct camera is a critical for the success of your CCTV project.

How to Design a Proficient CCTV System

ORIA Systems’ security consultants understand that IP CCTV cameras operate more efficiently when they are located in the right place, for example, there is no point facing a camera directly to the sun as the image will be blurry and the security in that area will be compromised on days that sun is at its peak. Selecting the right camera with the suitable level of image resolution and lens type is critical as well. In addition, If you have a CCTV / security control room where a security staff monitor a number of cameras, our security consultants understand that not every monitor is “cut out” for the task, a number of factors need to be considered, like: the number and layout of cameras on every CCTV monitor, the number of CCTV monitors that a single security guard to monitor, the physical layout of the CCTV monitors and the level of security risk / importunacy of every area that is being monitored.  This are just some of the technical points ORIA System’s security consultant take in consideration when design a CCTV Environment.

CCTV System – Understanding the required outcome and how to maximise crime deterrent

ORIA Systems’ security consultants understand that the clients are after a pre-defined solid outcome for the new CCTV System that they are purchasing.

The pre-defined outcomes for most business that purchase a CCTV system from a security integrator like ORIA Systems are:

  • Design, Supply and installation of CAT6 cabling infrastructure (utilising brands like: Molex or Panduit) with an allowance for spare cabling infrastructure in key location for future use.
  • The use of reputable IP CCTV brand
  • Design and the use of reputable active network infrastructure equipment (i.e. Network switches)
  • Taking in consideration future CCTV system expansion
  • Detailed design of CCTV cameras location and pre-define what each camera is used for
  • Selection of IP cameras with correct lens and IR light type
  • Understanding how the client will monitor and operate the CCTV system and design a CCTV control room to suit day-day CCTV operations.
  • Remote viewing of CCTV cameras and the understanding how the business is going to action an intruder detection outside business hours
  • Comprehensive on-site CCTV training
  • Comprehensive operational and maintenance documentation pack
  • On-going service and technical support

ORIA Systems understands that executing correctly the above basic list is a crucial step for every CCTV project.

In addition to the above list, CCTV System Technology can provide additional solutions that may not have been considered by the client, such as people counting, facial recognition or licence plate identification or heat map.

Also, CCTV Systems can provide businesses with added benefits from data collected, analysed and reported, to improve processes can save on labour costs and reduce OH&S risks.

Money – Allocating Budget for CCTV System Installation

ORIA Systems understand that every business has budget constraints, therefore, design flexibility is something that we specialised in.

When budgeting for a new CCTV System, all the above considerations will impact the budget.  Cheapest is not going to be the best solution or the best return on investment long term.  Choosing a reputable company that specialises in security solutions, like ORIA Systems, is the most important step in purchasing CCTV platform. ORIA Systems understand that trust between client and the security integrator is crucial and we will do our best to ensure your satisfaction. ORIA Systems can provide you with ongoing support and maintenance as well as expert advice. ORIA Systems holds all the required licenses and insurances and we will be more than happy to provide you with a copy for peace of mind!

ORIA Systems’ security consultants are at the forefront of CCTV Technology, we understand that innovation and quality do matter!

ORIA Systems’ security Technicians are Licensed, Certified & Trained to install a large range of IP CCTV systems.  For every CCTV project ORIA Systems will provide professional technical documentation & drawings, professional technical CCTV training and ongoing support to ensure your CCTV system operates correctly and to the highest technical standards.

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