As human beings, we all have a natural desire to feel safe. Nowhere is this truer than in our own homes. It makes sense then that a vast number of people attempt to install Do-It -Yourself (DIY) security camera systems. They are cheap, easily available, and appear risk free. Whilst a DIY system may seem like a great idea and satisfy some of our needs for safety; in reality, the inferior electrical components and poorer quality imagery provides no real assurance if your property is broken into. Moreover, poor installation poses a risk to your physical safety, and could enable hackers a means to siphon your personal information. In effect, achieving the opposite of your desired effect! Below are the main reasons why you should instead consider hiring a professional:


Over the counter and DIY Security Systems use cheap, low quality electrical components. This lends itself to the system having a short life span and provides a poor-quality image. Whilst a camera attached to a building or home may provide a deterrent to would-be criminals, if you cannot determine the license plate number of a suspect vehicle, or make out the face of an unexpected visitor at your door, then the camera serves no real purpose beyond aesthetics.


DIY security systems have limited equipment warranties, and there is no warranty on installation. If you install it yourself, and in the process stuff up other housing infrastructure, the onus and cost is on you to fix it. If the camera you purchased is not working, guess who needs to do the trouble shooting, ring the helpline, or go through the process of returning it to the store? Having a professional install a proper security system forgoes you the trouble. It can also save you time and money in the long run. Yes, professional systems can cost significantly more, but they are significantly less prone to problems and have a significantly longer life span. Paying every few years for a new DIY system is not cost effective.

Information Security

In today’s world of smart electronics, you can install a DIY security camera which transmits real time imagery to your phone. Great if you are away and want to check in on what your teenage children are up to; not so great if a hacker can see too! If the latter has access, they can observe and determine when you are or aren’t home, in turn understanding the best windows of opportunity for uninterrupted intrusion. If users do not understand the risk involved with internet-based applications, they also become vulnerable to having their personal information, such as online banking details, stolen vis-a-vis the security camera application.

Inability to Expand

Most DIY systems come with between 4 to 8 cameras. If you wish to add more, or decide later on to extend your home, you may find yourself operating on two different security systems. Additional cameras will likely be incompatible, and separate DIY camera kits cannot be linked together.

Physical Risk

Tampering with electronics can lead to electric shocks, electric burns or electronic equipment induced fires. If not installed properly, cameras can also fall off. Australia has wiring regulations for a reason, and inexperienced users could end up harming themselves or others.

Hopefully this article has given you a better appreciation for the need of a professionally installed security system. Providing the safest environment possible for yourself, your family, or your employees is an invaluable investment.

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